Gravity Chandelier

The Gravity Chandelier by Paul Cocksedge reimagines the chandeliers of the past. Inspired by the change from rigidity to elasticity. The Gravity Chandelier is the definition of a modern chandelier. At first glance, it does not reveal its flexibility and ingenuity; It takes a second look to unravel its mystery. With its flexible arms, you define the diameter of the chandelier and choose where the light travels, but the suspended elements create natural curves shaped by gravity.
The Gravity Chandelier is available in two sizes, depending on the number of arms, Gravity Chandelier 5 and Gravity Chandelier 7.

57,172.71 57172.71 MXN 57,172.71 VAT included

49,286.82 VAT included

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Dimensions 5 o 7
Color RAL 9005 (Negro azabache)
Color Madera Cristal facetado con unidad luminosa de acero con recubrimiento de polvo, cable de suspensión ultrafino y cable plano trenzado
Wire color Negro
Delivery time 10-12 semanas