Slice Dimple

The Dimple Closed chair shell seat, is a close relative of the Dimple shell, which was inspired by the alloy seats of vintage race cars, with a minimal but highly ergonomic body combined with a modern vibrant aesthetic.

Smooth as glass, the Slice base is the perfect example of a design that combines functionality and a graceful silhouette. With its minimalistic design Slice allows its materials to do the talking: the inserts, which have all the warmth of wood, slide on the metal frame of the legs and are connected via the magnets placed in the feet, which can be removed and repainted. Slice is a light and elegant base, perfect in its simplicity.

Born from two of Sander Mulder's projects, the Slice Dimple Closed chair perfectly combines the simple elegance of the base, with the more eclectic and functional design of the seat, resulting in a modern-looking product, with a unique personality.

8,145.20 8145.2 MXN 8,145.20 IVA incluido

8,145.20 IVA incluido

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Shell Colour White o Ocean Blue o Red o Grey o Olive
Dimensiones 20.5w x 23.2d x 33.5h
Material de base wood and steel
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